Seek And You Shall Find


A man woke up from a dream one day, startled by the glimmering emerald he had envisioned. He had a burning sensation inside of him, an intuitive fire that had been lit: He was determined to find the emerald. 

Remembering his dream, he was able to recall parts of the path he had taken to find this emerald. It started at his home when he looked at a world map. Fiji was where his finger had pointed to. Instantly, his mind cast doubts about travelling to such a distant country. These doubts were overrun by the fire that was ablaze inside of him. He booked a flight for that weekend. Recollecting more parts of his dream, he remembered a luscious forest. The entrance remained clear in his mind: From a sandy beach, two large palm trees created a natural entrance to the forest. His final clue was a waterfall, under which was located the emerald of his dreams. 

He landed in Fiji, dropped off his bags, and ventured off. He walked along beautiful beaches, basking in the sunshine. His legs in the water, he felt intense gratitude for the moment. Yet, he never lost sight of his purpose. Instead of gazing over the ocean, he gazed at the land. The image of the two palm trees remained in his mind; his intuitive roadmap. 

After three long weeks of long days wandering along the Fiji coastline, the man’s legs were heavy. Overhead, a storm started brewing. In an instant, a shower of thick raindrops drenched him. In the chaos, he rushed through a bundle of thickly overgrown trees. Lianas and leaves created resistance. Pushing his way through, the shrubbery suddenly opened up to a beautiful lagoon. It was roofed by an abundance of palm trees. As he stepped into the sand, he was in awe of the beauty. The blue clear island of water was sheltered by soft sand. In the reflection of the water, he spotted two palm trees: The palm trees from his dream! He rushed around the bed of water and entered into the forest of his dreams. His steps were guided, effortless. He hopped over fallen trees and stepped smoothly between the plants. By now, the sun had come out again, drying the drips from the big leaves. Then, the man spotted the purpose of his journey. At the end of the path was the waterfall of his dreams, illuminated by the sun. He arrived there and stood in awe at the immense beauty. The small waterfall filled into a small lake. For the first time of his journey, he became aware of the sounds of the forest: the monkeys screaming, the birds whistling, the waterfall reverberating in the lake. He stepped into the water, basking in its warmth. After some minutes, he glided towards the waterfall. Natural rocks offered him steps towards the falling water. He stepped through the wall of splashing water and found a small chest. On top of the small chest read ‘Seek And You Shall Find.’ He inhaled a deep breath of gratitude. Inside of the chest, the man found the magical emerald of his dreams, more beautiful than he could ever imagine. 

His dream was the spark that ignited his fire. His fire burnt so strong that he became determined. With his intuition as his guide, he was unstoppable. His fearlessness drove his journey and took him to his destination. 

The fearless seeker shall find their purpose. 

Severin, December 1st 2018

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