A Workshop For High Schools



  1. Personal Story

    In the first part of my workshop, I share my personal story; my own experiences with substance use and abuse during my teenage years. Here, I hope to establish a connection of relatability. In light of the struggles which I have endured, this anecdotal section ends with the message: “Be aware of your choices.”

  2. Open Questions

    In the second part of my workshop, I begin by answering an array of frequently asked questions about cannabis, addiction and more. This is a gateway for the students to ask open questions of their own.

  3. New Outlook Work

    In the final and largest portion of my workshop I engage the students in a three step guide to creating a more fulfilling outlook on life. Firstly, I encourage them to take on a new, more enlivening perspective on life. Then, I teach them about the interconnectedness of body and mind. The intention is to show them that one’s behaviour impacts one’s mind and vice versa. Contained therein are the last two steps.


If you are interested in having me speak at your school in the Vancouver, B.C., area, please contact me: